With the introduction of  Art in Scotland TV, Summerhall TV developed further its aim to bring the arts and audiences closer together via TV and social media. From 2012 to 2018 we focused on all that Summerhall had to offer building longer programmes, filming Summerhall’s plays, concerts and panel discussions. At Book Festivals in Edinburgh and elsewhere we expanded literary coverage while devising new ways to represent Summerhall’s museums and archives on TV and in the Basement Cinema. In 2018 we relocated to MERZ in Sanquhar, Dumfries and Galloway where we have added the Bothy artist residency to the Gallery, in 2019 the Museum of Model Art and in 2020 the KNHO pop-up cinema and art-houses, putting the ‘art of regeneration’ into helping build Sanquhar’s Cultural Quarter.
Our Home page screens our most recent films about the visual arts, book launches, theatre and dance performances, film and music. We update our programmes regularly. Older programmes are moved to the following categories …

Visual Arts, Books, Film, Performance and Music

Under these headings you’ll find our recent films combined with programmes drawn from the Art Show, Art in Scotland, Book Show, Writers’ Stories and Talking Pictures comprising interviews and reviews filmed in galleries, bookshops and festivals across Scotland and later broadcast throughout Europe.

Building and Landscape

These are Summerhall TV’s longer, more discursive films. Here we explore Scotland’s built environment from aesthetic as well as ethical points of view by engaging those living with Scotland’s new and refurbished buildings.


Our Archive provides a warehouse of films associated with the many libraries and collections being developed from MERZ.


On this page we will introduce Summerhall TV projects and outline film and TV courses at Summerhall.

…and about ourselves 

  • Dr David Rushton, Director, Institute of Local Television, MERZ Gallery Sanquhar DG4 6DH